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Athyr Single Malt Whisky

The first ever Lebanese single malt whisky

The first ever Lebanese single malt whisky

The first ever Lebanese single malt whiskyThe first ever Lebanese single malt whiskyThe first ever Lebanese single malt whisky


Athyr أثير  is an Arabic word which reflects the other-worldly premium qualities of this first Lebanese single malt whisky.



is an otherworldly and unique single malt whiskey aged in new Lebanese oak. The result is a savory, rich, and complex  whisky that is unmatched by traditional malts. 

The Whisky

The Distillery


Athyr is produced by one of the oldest wineries and distilleries in Lebanon. Riachi dates back to 1839 and has a vast experience in wine-making and distillation, especially arak, grappa, and brandy. In 2013 we decided to enter into the interesting world of single malt whisky with a Lebanese influence.

The Malt

The malted barley is harvested from the Bekaa valley

Our malted barley is harvested from the Bekaa valley in Lebanon. It is then  malted, mashed and fermented. The fermented wort which is a relatively high ale compared to commercial beer becomes ready for distillation. 



The ale is distilled into what is called a low wine for the first time, the distilled an additional two times to become a triple distilled white whisky.



All our whisky  are aged in new Lebanese oak, and some receive special finishing in different types of wood.

The Whisky


Our first batch release is a limited to 150 bottles that have to be reserved prior to purchase. The are at cask strength, un-colored and un-chill filtered. The whisky has a deep amber color with rich  Empyreumatic aromas.

Distillery Visits


Our distillery is open for visitors. you can request an appointment to taste our whisky or reserve your bottle. 

Current Release - Overture


ATHYR Overture

 Athyr, coming from the profound Arabic word “أثير ”, is bottled liquid elegance. Just as in Arabic, Athyr is the premium elite, the other-worldly, and the  shine of the unsheathed sword. Athyr is the first Lebanese single malt whisky, brought to life from the spring water of “Ain Smaydieh” in the Lebanese village of Khenchara. The toasted Lebanese oak harvested from the village itself houses Athyr to conceive its unique flavor and contribute to its elaborate character.   


A release limited to 600 bottles

Overture is composed of serial numbered bottles ranging from 1 to 600, 

bottled at 45% a.b.v. un-chill-filtered and un-colored.


Overture's Profile

 As part of the Lebanese Oak Series, Overture is a smooth shade of Athyr. Like the opening of an orchestral symphony, sway your senses with Overture‘s deep amber color and its fragrant Empyreumatic notes. Savor a delicate tune on your palate, twirling to the melodic hint of molasses and yellow fruits. Nourish your soul with Overture’s earthy finish, composed for excellence.  

Batch Release 1

First Release from ATHYR

Batch release 1 was the first release by Athyr single malt whisky which was launched on September 26, 2019 at The Kempinski Hotel in Beirut.

First Lebanese Single Malt Whisky

Not only was Batch 1 the first batch from Athyr, it was the first ever Lebanese single malt whisky release.

150 bottles at Cask Strength

Batch 1 was limited to 150 bottles that were bottled un-chill-filtered and at cask strength of 56.1% a.b.v.